From the idea to the knitwear


Sample series

Style intertwines with technique: creating a sample series means continuous interaction between the customer’s style office and our in-house production department. It is not only the moment when we refine ideas, but a constant process of comparison and development.

Research and development. As in an atelier

An invaluable archive of garments and toiles, a thorough knowledge of materials and sartorial expertise – combined with cutting edge technology and an extensive array of yarns to create test garments – are the tools of the trade of our “atelier”.
At Mica the research and development department is an ideas laboratory, a creative space where we experiment and study new stitches and treatments to make knitwear that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

From the toile to the prototype

Once the toile has been approved, ideas begin to take shape – in the modelling department we make a prototype and perfect the fit, according to the stitch and the customer’s requirements. We know how important it is to optimize time, so we regularly update our customers on the development and changes to the prototype.

Everything is possible here

An array of 3 to 21 gauge SHIMA SEIKI knitting machines, machines to make garments with any type of application and finish. It is not just a question of style – in the production department we take the utmost care with every aspect of the quality of the garment – from hand embroidery to digital printing, fulling with water and hydrocarbon systems and ironing. An infinite number of processes, discernible quality.

Hand embroidery
Hand finishes